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Interlock Installers Melbourne

Interlock Installers Melbourne

Are you looking for interlock installers in Melbourne? Then look no further than the team at AUTLEC Automotive (formerly Alcotek). We are the leading interlock suppliers and installers in Melbourne, offering interlock systems that meet the Victorian Government’s legislation for such devices. When you choose AUTLEC Automotive as your interlock installers in Melbourne, you can rest assured that your system is reliable, accurate and operates as it should every time.

AUTLEC Automotive chooses to use Guardian WR3 Interlock devices – the most accurate and reliable in the market. These systems can be discreetly mounted inside your vehicle, out of sight of passers-by.

For the most reliable interlock systems from installers in Melbourne, choose AUTLEC Automotive. Phone us today on (03) 9547 4474  or book online .

Interlock systems are devices that installers in Melbourne fit to cars, motorbikes, scooters, and 4WDs are electronic breath-testing machines that are connected to the ignition of the vehicle. Vehicles that have interlock devices installed will not start unless that driver successfully passes a breath test. The levels required to start the vehicle are in line with Victorian legislation to ensure that your reading will accurately reflect your driving capability. It is important to note that while the interlock system will deactivate your ignition if you do not pass the test, it WILL NOT stop the vehicle once it is in motion.

Unlike other interlock systems, Guardian Interlock systems can be installed and monitored by ANY Guardian Interlock service centre Auatralia wide.

To find out more about Guardian systems, phone our team of interlock installers in Melbourne on (03) 9547 4474 .

Why choose AUTLEC Automotive as your Interlock Installers in Melbourne?

  • We are authorised Guardian Breathalyser Interlock Service Agents, as well as VIC Roads authorised Interlock Installers in Melbourne
  • Interlock installers in Melbourne, monthly device servicing and removal of devices
  • When it comes to cars, trucks and motorbikes, AUTLEC Automotive’ Interlock Installers in Melbourne have the skills to get the job done
  • Our interlock installers in Melbourne provide training in how to use the device along with every installation service
  • We make the whole process as quick, easy and stress-free as possible for you, getting you back on the road sooner rather than later
  • We undertake the difficult installs others don’t, i.e latest model vehicles, motorbikes, trucks.

Contact us today on (03) 9547 4474 or Book Online for Interlock Installers in Melbourne.

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